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5 benefits of laminate flooring

So you're probably thinking about what floor you should buy and want to know the benefits of laminate flooring. Well, you've come to the right article. Here are my 8 benefits of a laminate floor, from an installers perspective..

In normal conditions a laminate floor will not fade in sun light.
I've hit you with a disclaimer but I think we all know that nothing is invincible. Don't we? I also don't want this article to read like some sales pitch. Everything has it's limits. A decent laminate floor will not fade in sun light and the makers will guarantee that.

Modern day technology has created laminate floors that look and feel just like real wood.
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From year to year it simply amazes me what can be achieved. The world of laminate flooring being no different. It started with the entrance of a manufacturing technique called embossed registering. Which means a raised wood grain surface texture. This technique went on to be used across the design spectrum i.e. stone, ceramic laminates. Starting with the more expensive ranges; but it can now been seen way down on the cost scale. A fantastic invention and one that truly brings laminate floors alive.

Extremely fast installation.
Laminate floors have been around long enough now that most manufacturers have really got their act together. Even laminates with locking systems that are difficult to work with still go down quickly on the grand scale of things. A full average sized room installed in under a day being common place.

Can be taken up and re-used with ease.
Most laminates can be taken up with ease and re-used in another room. This is a major benefit of laminates with some cheaper exceptions. Feel like a change and you're not the type of person that likes waste. Laminate flooring is truly one of the only hard floor coverings that gives you the flexiblity to properly recycle.

Can be walked on and used straight away.
No glue, no mess, no waiting! Simply install a laminate and get on with the rest of your project.

Can be installed on multiple sub-floor types.
I'm glad you've read this far because my final choice is probable the biggest benefit in my opinion. There's so many technical restriction when installing a lot of hard floor coverings. Serious preparation work can be required and real experienced professional knowledge needed. With a laminate floor there's little restrictions as it's installed on top of an underlay. The requirements being that the sub-floor should be dry and flat. That's it! No worrying about chemical reactions with bitumen, no worrying about debonding from the sub-floor. A lot less hassle all round.

Thanks for reading. If I've turned just one more of you into a laminate believer, then I'm one step closer to my dastardly plan of taking over the world with laminate flooring.

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